Tuesday, October 30, 2007

piece by piece

about a month ago i made myself go to imaging to scan some old work that was too big for normal scanners and ended up still having to scan my kite in 6 pieces. i decided yesterday that i should finally tile the stupid thing.

this is how far i got because i realized that i don't have the file for the bottom piece. so annoying. especially considering i don't even really like it anymore.

today i got paid to organize little royal icing flowers (by color) and construct gingerbread houses. tomorrow i'm getting paid to ice cupcakes and carve a pumpkin. who knew? i'm finally starting to feel creative again, and i've been staying up really late these days. by 'these days' i mean the past three. i had always said in school that i have trouble getting work done when the sun is up. i hope that's not still the way i function because going to bed at eleven pretty much rules.

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