Friday, June 1, 2007

the moooon

i've decided that for the month of june the only real thing i'm going to be doing is sketchbooking. i kept trying to think of a good project to start myself off with but i can't imagine doing anything with much structure or commitment these days. i can't even get myself to apply for a job even though i really really need one. i've made the summer goal of drawing trees better because right now when i draw geometric things they look like they come to life but when i draw actual living things they just look floppy.
yesterday at 7 pm we took an 'impromptu' trip to coney island that we planned at noon. maybe for some spontaneity needs to be worked up to. who knows, by the end of the summer we could be making sandwiches and suggest that they be eaten on the beach and then just leave instead of planning the trip to the beach then making sandwiches to bring with us.
tonight, at the animal collective show, i could hardly see anything accept the backs of some very trendy and unkempt hairstyles. i kept closing my eyes. sometimes it feels really nice to imagine that the bass is replacing your heartbeat. it's cloudy tonight so you can't see the moon that last night was full and orange and perfect. i guess it's just comforting to know that things are there even when you can't see them.


Rob said...

hehe. "impromptu" trips are great. i like to feel the bass against my chest, and i like to close my eyes at shows and sometimes to let my hair cover my eyes when im bobbling my head around.

Anonymous said...

the moon is not only beautiful, it is so far away

aleks said...

that is totally beautiful