Thursday, June 7, 2007

cleaning and making more messes

i've (finally) begun the process of seriously cleaning and reorganizing my room which of course means hours of distraction and funny memories and plenty of frustration. then i started going through old emails and iphoto and decided that maybe it wasn't the best use of time and that i should just try to go to bed or something but decided to do this instead. who's to say what's a good use of time, anyway.

i bought this yarn today and the clasp is from a bunch of jewels that caitlin's mom was throwing away and laura is going to (re)teach me how to knit and i'm going to make a bag. i've been feeling sort of stuck and scared to make things (shocking) but have been having all these ideas. i'm thinking that when i actually start my jobs and have a regular schedule i'll feel less like i'm just floating around and more like i'm being a productive human. after all, babysitting and selling muffins are very productive and essential parts of any post-graduate attempt to ignore real life for as long as possible.

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LauraKA said...

its going to be great to this knitting group together once i clean my freakin' room!<3<3 beautiful color choices by the way!