Sunday, July 5, 2009

Greenish Thumb

I know, okay? It's been basically forever. June has been the month of guests. Seven guests, to be exact. Which, as I obviously didn't realize when all these things got planned, is as exhausting as it is completely wonderful. So, even though I've thought about writing a lot, and even written a couple killer entries in my head, somehow it never made it into "real" life. You think I want to spend my limited alone-time trying to craft a million dumb thoughts into comprehensible sentences for my three loyal readers? Yeah right. Sorry, Jen! See you on g-chat!

Hey, guess what?! I've been gardening sort of!!


tomato explosion

plum tree harvest + new friend (apples soon to come)

some of the non-edibles

Oh, also, I got new curtains like two months ago and am sort of shocked and appalled that I haven't blogged about them yet considering how (still) completely obsessed with them I am.

prettiest ever

Hmmmmmm what else? Oh, since I work as an events consultant (or something) for a catering place, and because I am designing my friends' wedding invitation as well as being one of their ushers, I spend a lot of time thinking about getting married. Not me getting married, per se, but the idea of other people getting married. It's a weird thing! Also, somehow I turned 24 and then "celebrated" nine months of living in California. As Sean pointed out, I could have had a baby in that time. If I had had twins, two babies.

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Annie said...

is this post an engagement announcement for you and sean?