Tuesday, July 21, 2009


In the past few months, I have effectively lost almost everything of value to me. Seriously, though. Keys, wallet (twice), cell phone, sketchbook, and a computer crash. Sure, some of them have been returned or found, but still!! I know I've always been a little spacey, but this is just unacceptable. I need to develop a new system because the no-system system is clearly not working. Also, I've been having weird stomach issues again, but they're different this time. I've been throwing up a lot with absolutely no other symptoms. Weird, right? Also gross.

So, I'm computerless for the next month or so (imagine how much reading I'll get done!!). I don't think it'll even make that big of a difference since I can use my roommate's and have one at work. Basically I just won't be in bed staring blankly at Facebook before I fall asleep... which is fine.

I've been noticing that because things have been so off kilter I've been thinking about moving again. Which is pretty dumb but also kind of fun to think about. My latest plan is live in a small house with colorful kitchen tiles in the middle of the desert. Wouldn't that be so lovely!?!? In this new plan I suddenly also have an inexpensive car or scooter and a cat and am not at all lonely.

I keep hearing my mom in my head saying something like, "you chose the story you tell." I want to tell a better story for myself, Mom, honest! I'm going to work on breathing and being more hopeful, and use this period of less internet to make new things that will maybe then some day be posted on the internet. Or maybe not. Either way I'm going to make new things.

Traveling East in a little over a month. Yesssssssssss.

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Amber said...

another reason to confirm the fact that we are best friends. and in the same place in life.

in the past few months i have lost my waitress book with all of my money, *250 to be exact, my entire set of keys, then my front door key by itself, then my basement key, twice, then my iphone, and now most recent to the list my debit card. and all of which i have NO idea how i have done this. i am normally a relatively careful person, one who makes list and tries to say somewhat organized. maybe this all just means weve lost our minds and need to move together again? interesting thought. but then we would have no excuse to travel and visit each other and video chat. get yoru comp soon.

love you.
and i thinkt he desert and the tiles thing osunds great.