Monday, April 7, 2008

a question

joan and i were talking about this for some reason the other day and i'd really like to gain some clarity. ok, so when people talk about 'the second coming of jesus', what does that mean exactly? he was a great human then he died, and then he came back and that's why everyone loves him, right? did he go somewhere after that? because doesn't saying 'the second coming' imply that he went somewhere? but then if he went somewhere, who is everyone so in love with?

seriously, i'm curious.


devon said...

the second coming hasn't happened yet. joan didn't tell you that? she's catholic!! jesus lives in heaven now and when he comes back it will be the apocalypse and all the good people will go to heaven with him and all the bad people will burn up in hell. bodies will come out of graves and volcanoes will explode and stuff. the end.

devon said...

ooooops hahaha its me caitlin on your computer! it looks like you're answering your own question.

add em' said...

p.s. for those interested, check out "I Am Legend" starring Big Willie Style Smith.
The movie subtly implies that Will Smith is the Second coming.
its fucking hilarious.
The special effects are breath taking too...