Wednesday, April 30, 2008

here we go again

every few days or weeks or months i go through periods of super-concentrated, independent, creative productivity. then, after however many days or weeks or months of that, comes another however many days or weeks or months of, well, nothing. i think this is normal. but it's always so awkward and overwhelming sitting down and trying to do work after such a hibernation. i think the thing that i always forget is how much patience it takes. in real, non-creative life its easier to make yourself do things (even though it's still not always easy) because stuff like chores or errands are usually pretty instantly gratifying. if you go grocery shopping then you have a full refrigerator, if you do the dishes then you've got an empty sink, if you take a shower then you're clean. its so simple! but when you sit down to "make something" who knows how many hours (or days or weeks or months) it'll be before it turns into anything at all, or if it even will turn into anything. but i'm not complaining. i actually like the process. it just seems like such a crazy expulsion of energy to from time to time participate in this reorientation. and to have to remind myself again not to be expecting some polaroid-style satisfaction.

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caitlin said...

i just wish that it didn't make you feel so bad to want to make things and feel like you can't.