Wednesday, March 12, 2008

and we'll laugh and toast to nothing

all i've been doing lately is going to work and coming home then working on work and making lists and staring at my wall that has the lists taped up on it.
its so funny how easy it is to feel really shitty about things that are not at all shitty. like having your own show at the bakery you work at and having to make 'art' that people are going to see and maybe, just maybe, purchase. my stomach's been acting up for the first time in a few weeks and i had a muscle spasm in my neck pretty much all day and i haven't been sleeping very well. all things considered, however, i feel pretty great. sean and i made reservations at an adorable place to stay in kyoto for when we go there for a weekend trip for when we go to japan the country and for when we are there for the CHERRY BLOSSOMS. oh my god. one month away. i'm so excited. also, 1 out of 3 things i'm making look pretty okay and i love everyone except people that are stupid and i've been eating soooo many jordan almonds which is really just so good. tonight i'm going to take a muscle relaxer for my neck and watch america's next top model and top chef and eat chips with caitlin.

here's what i'm sick of hearing about:
the democratic nomination (hillary, please stop being an asshole)
elliot spitzer (already)
anything that has to do with american idol (still)
how we didn't have a real winter (i know, okay? it sucked)

who's ready for spring?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?

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add em' said...

what do you mean a real winter? what was it like...(i'm not trying to be an ass. i am curious)
ps live in seattle again.