Monday, March 31, 2008

all i can think about is our trip japan. we leave a week from thursday. i've been planning my outfits. yes i know is ridiculous, but i think probably because there's not a whole lot else i can plan or anticipate, because neither of us want to go crazy scheduling a jam-packed itinerary, that now the biggest thing i have left to analyze is whether or not i should bring my middle-weight coat. and what shoes will be the most stylish and most comfortable?

also, my hair feels strangely tight in the back. i wonder if it's possible for tight curls to have the same affect on one's scalp as a tight ponytail.

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add em' said...

i think your head is just getting bigger in the back.
you probably would have noticed the tight curl:pony tail relationship before.

you should look up my good friend when you are in Japan. his name is Jimmy Sushi. good kid. good kid. luv 'im.