Monday, February 18, 2008

weekend at our nation's capital

and my stomach didn't hurt once.

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add em' said...

i like rainbows.
we have a sunroof above our if it is a sunny nice day out, you get to have showers with rainbows. i like that. its fun.
DC is totally the happenin place. it's too bad you arn't in highschool, so you didn't get to go on a greyhound bus full of horny oily kids. thats fun (the combination of horny and oily makes me cringe) ew. horny and oily. thats disgusting. i can picture two people making out on a bed, and at the foot of the bed there is half a day old pizza in the box. horny and oily. ew.
sorry. thats gross.
i thought of you today because it is easter, and i bought cadbury mini eggs and also robin eggs (which i ate too many of and hurt my mouth)