Monday, March 2, 2009


This morning, like many other mornings during northern California winter, it was raining. Really hard raining though, like the sideways kind, like the kind that gets your jeans really wet. To make ourselves feel better we went out for fancy burgers and curly fries and then to Trader Joe's to get tofu cream cheese and free coffee samples and to look for the mint hot chocolate that I know Jen likes (they didn't have it) and by the time we got home the sun was out. Crazy crazy.
Even though the sky had cleared and it felt much warmer it was still really blustery. And the plum tree in our backyard has been blossoming for the past week so all of the pedals were blowing all around and it looked instead like it was raining flowers!!


Pat said...

That sounds like a beautiful dream of California Damacy.

Laura K A said...

california dreamin