Tuesday, December 23, 2008

merry happy!

i'm leaving for the east coast tomorrow and, i gotta say, i'm pretty nervous i'm going to find out i've become a soft, weather-wimp out west. it's all relative though! i mean, the coldest a place gets will always feel cold when you're living there. and here, when it's 50ยบ and rainy it feels COLD. i think a snow and friend fix is just what i need though. besides, i found a really good hot chocolate recipe that's amazing with soy milk so feel pretty much prepared for any weather related challenges. somehow december managed to fly by without feeling like it was overwhelmingly "the holidays", maybe because i decided not to do presents this year (best idea ever, by the way). we had a 1920's themed work holiday party at my house and the best part about it was that i made this chandelier:
my roommate and i have already decided that it's staying up forever. i've always wanted to live somewhere fancy.

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royalbacon said...

That chandelier is amazing. Have a safe trip and happy holidays!