Wednesday, August 22, 2007

its been a while, says jen

every other year at this time we've been gearing up to go back to school and even though that's not happening i still feel like there's a very specific air of preparation but have no idea what it's for. what's going on? i know who has that answer. fall. i've decided to step down and put all my eggs in one basket by taking away all personal responsibility for anything in my life and am blaming all moods and decisions on the seasons. everything will be figured out for me because fall has a way of bringing all that stuff that was floating around all summer long back to the ground and all i'll have to do is wear more clothing. i'm off the hook.

hmm... i'm doing a drawing with a farm scene and have been doing google image searches and this is what's at the top of my screen right now:

it was strange last night to walk home and have one layer on my arms not be enough. it was refreshing. i was walking quickly and it was dark and an attractive man reading a magazine on a brownstone stoop smiled at me and i smiled back because why does no one ever do that? on monday at the waterfront in boston i was looking up at all the buildings and removing the ones in my mind that i didn't think belonged there. the only ones left were the beautiful old rows that i don't know how to describe except that there were really good fire escapes and the old one with the pointy top that was dwarfed by all the giant glass guys even though you can tell that, at one time, people must have been baffled by it's height. and there was a old couple on the pier with matching sneakers. they probably have been in love forever.

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